What is the floor trend for 2022?

" Definitely Chevron and Herringbone floor in different wood types."


Alexandra Hoang

My name is Alexandra, I live in the capital of Norway with my husband and our dog. I work in corporate as an insurance advisor and as a creative content creator. In my spare time I also like to dance and share inspirational interior tips.

A floor as the main home accessory

Living at Bjørvika was a dream of ours for many years so when we managed to buy our dream home, we knew we wanted to upgrade it to its fullest potential. Most of the new buildings that are built these days are pretty sterile with standardized interior solutions which we felt did not do justice to our home.

Our neighborhood is an up-scale modern business district, and our apartment is high above the ground with spectacular front-row views of Oslo fjord and The Norwegian Opera House; so of course, when I think of the area, we live in my focus was on sourcing high quality materials.

The floor is the first thing you see when you enter a home because it takes up such massive space. Having good flooring compensates for lack of interior decor because the flooring itself is the main accessory of home. I feel like investing in good quality parquet flooring is a must for a timeless and classic result. A good quality parquet – it’s all about details.

We wanted a minimalistic home with quality materials so that the focus would be on the beautiful ocean view rather than the itty-bitty interior decor.

In our previous apartment we had Herringbone floor where the parquet overlapped each other. We wanted to have a more refined look and invested in Chevron floor where the parquet is formed as an arrow. It gave our apartment so much more character!

BOEN is renowned for their quality flooring and is trusted worldwide by consumers and assemblers. I especially love that you have more options - you can either click it or glue it to existing concrete/underfloor.

Foto: Jan Peter Lehne


With its perfectly aligned pattern chevron floors looks like a long string of straight arrows. It creates a distinguished look and a stylish atmosphere and is a design piece on its own.