Colour your life

Colours is a big part of our lives as we choose and observe them every day, what you are wearing, in your home or the different colours of nature. The most important thing is that you are happy with the colours in your life.

Your style. Your floor.

We have a wide selection of floors in many different colours, these floors are a beautiful match to so many of the trend colours, but also timeless colours that have been around for a while. One of the advantages of wooden floor is its range of natural colours, but also the grain that makes the floor feel and look more alive.

Colour your life with our selection of floors in combination with stylish trend colours for your inspiration.

Interior Designer Camilla

Camilla is an Interior Designer and Influencer. She runs the Instgram account @designlogg with a lot of different DIY projects and focus on Interior. She has given us some advice on how to choose colours to your home.

"When choosing a floor for my customers I look at their need, what style they like, area of use, colour palette and how to make a clear picture of the whole room. One advice I would give when you are redecorating is to think about the feeling you want the room to give you."

Colour samples

"When choosing wall colours, think about how they would fit the floor. Use colour samples and try them with the floor before you make up your mind."

Create your own mood board

"I would suggest creating your own colour palette or a mood board with the different materials you are interested in. It will make your redecoration process a lot easier!"

How to choose colours?

"If you choose a cold colour to a warm floor the wall and the floor will be more separated, each element will be it is own star. Warm colours to a warm floor would slide more into each other. The elements are more like minded. Warm and cold colours can also be mixed. It depends on if you want to create a contrast or to have a more harmonic look."

Remember your floor

"The floor is one of the biggest surfaces in your room and will affect how the room will look like, that’s why we call it a main colour."