What kind of interior style do you go for?

"We have an open kitchen and living room solution that is quite bright with a classic Nordic look. "

Foto: Filippa Tredal

Marte Bratberg

Marte is a 33-years old tv program manager and known for the Morning Show on NRJ Radio, she also participated in «Kompani Lauritzen" and in "Skal vi danse". In 2021, Marte and her boyfriend bought a renovation project in an old apartment building in Oslo and have just become parents for the first time.

A floor that increases our home value

When we bought a renovation object last year, there were many choices to be taken. Among other things, we had to choose a floor. It was not so easy, where to start: Should you have laminate, should you have parquet, should you have a pattern? We finally chose a floor that we are very, very happy with. There is a floor from BOEN called Oak Warm Cotton. It is parquet, natural wood material, and it is durable.

It is important since we are now a family with small children, and it will surely be knocks some toys to the floor. I think it is a very nice color that fits well with how we have imagined. Among other things, we really wanted a dark kitchen island. And then it fits extra well with a light floor. And then we also chose to have the floor throughout the apartment and i really feel like this are a floor like is helping to raise the value of this apartment. 

Foto: Filippa Tredal


Castle collection by Boen has been designed to bring nature indoors. Castle planks showcases the vibrancy and character of real wood. Each plank oozes spaciousness together with naturalness, liveliness and elegance. The variety of colors available presents an opportunity to design property in a highly personalized way.