Patterned floors

Wood makes floors come alive. Laid in patterns, they are even more unique. With its individual grain, structure and colour, each plank of wood exudes a natural uniqueness. For generations, these fine woods have been laid in patterns, turning them into hardwood floors for uniquely individual rooms. Whether laid in classic herringbone or in rhomboid or cube form, whether as a varied mosaic or fascinating Chevron: the possibilities are endless. We invite you to get to know the wide variety of BOEN hardwood flooring that can be laid in patterns.

Graphical seduction: Chevron

The Chevron resembles a row of arrows. This elegant graphic and angular pattern goes back to the ceramic patterns of the Bronze Age, which were discovered in the ancient village of Knossos on Crete. With its perfectly aligned shape, a Chevron floor provides an elegant look and a stylish atmosphere. Thanks to a tongue-and-groove connection, the planks are easy to lay in a Chevron pattern. They have a micro bevel on all four sides of the plank that subtly enhances the effect. The surface is protected effectively with our Live Natural oil.

Innovativer Klassiker: Fischgrät Click

Herringbone makes an impression – and is one of the most popular hardwood flooring patterns in the world. The name of the timeless and elegant laying pattern is derived from the similarly structured fish skeleton. BOEN Herringbone Click can either be installed as a floating floor or glued to the subfloor. This creates more flexibility and makes installation much easier.

Expressive looks: Prestige and Traffic

Nothing is more important than your own personal style! With Prestige and Traffic, which has been designed specifically for areas that are heavily used, individuality is at the heart of everything. In addition to the wide variety of possible installation patterns, the choice of colour also plays an important role.

Amazing inspiration: Maxi

When rooms merge into one other or when a spatial effect needs to be enhanced in houses or flats, it makes sense to think bigger, even with patterns. Our Maxi format with its well-proportioned dimensions allows for the varied design of spaciousness with a generous character. The total thickness of just 10.5 mm offers many advantages, for example when it is important to achieve a low installation height in the room.