"We always wanted parquet in the whole house."

"Our dog Ronja loves to sleep on the parquet especially when the sun shines."

Hausdesignerei: Joern & Stefan

We are a German gay couple with our two dogs, Ronja (11y/o) and Jamie (6y/o) living in St. Leon-Rot, a small village close to Heidelberg.

A creative couple

We have been dating for almost ten years and we have always been a couple with a huge interest in houses, interior etc. Joern got this talent from his Dad who was an architect. This is how Joern learned so much about housing and interior design, even though he decided to work as a web and graphic designer to be as creative as possible in his daily life. Stefan was born in a typical family that loves cooking and cuisine and always wanted to work in this field. He loves to work with different people every day and he enjoys the diversity of his job.

Our biggest passion are our two dogs – they are part of our family and we love living with them every day. Jamie makes you laugh with her crazy character and Ronja has a very grateful spirit. Furthermore, we love riding our old-time Vespas – it’s fun to ride them through the fields in the sunlight and make trips with them to interesting places or to visit friends in the neighborhood.

We bought our house in St. Leon-Rot almost 3 years ago. The house was built in 1963 and we had to reconstruct and renovate it completely. This was very challenging in the beginning, but it also gave us the chance to build our home exactly how we wanted.

Our style within the house is pretty basic – we love black and white - white makes the rooms look clean and big. Furthermore, you have the chance to combine accents with colours. Since we started interior blogging we both became more courageous with colours and we love the new look of our house with colourful pieces, flowers etc. One of our passions in the field of interior are Bauhaus design classics. We love classic furniture to mix with the modern clean look of our house.

Our favourite piece of furniture is our lounge chair by Charles Eames. This lounge chair would be well-suited in almost any house and we simply love the look of it – it’s gorgeous! When we started renovating our house we always wanted to have parquet in the entire house – we love to walk on parquet and it makes the room look warm and still modern.

There has never been any question for us to choose another type of flooring in our house – we have always been huge fans of parquet and its variety. Holz Oberfeld from Leimen has always been a reliable partner for us – so they were our first choice. Holz Oberfeld is the company that introduced BOEN to us. Important for us when choosing a floor is: the look, the feel, and the practical usage in our everyday life.

One of our general criteria when choosing a floor was that we wanted the same floor in the entire house. This is why it’s always been obvious that we wanted to have parquet in our kitchen as well. We are very happy our choice of flooring. The floor is amazing and we love the modern look of parquet in our house. The parquet gives our home a warm and cozy atmosphere.

So far, we haven’t had any problems with our dogs and the flooring – Ronja loves the feel of the wood. She loves to relax or sleep in the sunlight on our parquet. There are no specific maintenance challenges – we clean the floor as Boen recommends.

Our general tip for those starting new projects: stick to what is true to yourself and never lose the central theme of your project. Don‘t paint walls with too much colour, use colourful accessories or furniture instead.

Foto: Jan Peter Lehne

Care and maintenance

Our floors are easy to keep clean and beautiful like day one. You just need to be aware of some small things.