"I am proud of designing a floor for a producer like BOEN"

"Oak Foggy Brown gives a serene calm to the home. It is exclusive, but at the same time playful." 

Elisabeth, influencer and interior stylist

"I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, but have always been very interested in interior design, and thanks to social media, I can apply this passion. I work as an influencer and content creator for both of my social media accounts, but I also help clients who need some guidance on social media."

My own floor design

As an influencer and interior stylist I have to keep myself up to date on what’s trending in the market. It has been several years since the nature trend acquired more space in our homes. In a race against the busy digital world in which we are living, we are searching for peace and quiet in our homes. Our homes are the place we relax, gather strength and refresh.

"Brown age"

We are bringing nature into our homes with patterns of colour palettes, and environmental nature as well. Green plants, dried flowers and trees or twigs can be found in most Scandinavian homes. The light wood floors are a secure winner, but we also see that the markets are warming up to more colours and contrasts. Earthy colours like beige, brown, ocher, orange, blue and green have replaced the grey colour palette that ruled in Scandinavia a couple of years ago. The people researching this believe that we have now entered a “brown age” where brown is a trend that has come to stay.

We are also searching for more sustainable materials in both furniture and other elements. The environmental focus is increasing and the consumers are finally looking for quality above quantity. I am proud of designing a floor for a producer like BOEN, which delivers great quality and at the same time, nature is being respected.

Oak Foggy Brown

Oak Foggy Brown gives a serene calm to the home. It is exclusive, but at the same time playful. If you want to achieve a cool expression at your house, it can easily be created with the help of colours like blue, white and green. For me, I went for the more neutral colour palette with warm beige and brown colours up from the floor. Soft materials like wool, boucle, leather and wood in different shades of colours creates a calm and warm feeling in your home. Don’t be afraid of combining dark and light wood. I chose a lot of warm wood colours in my home to bring forth the warm top coat in the floor.

We are living in a renovated house from the 1960´s that we purchased from my parents a couple of years ago. I love to relate my vision to life and already had a lot of plans for our house before we moved in. We are going room by room, year by year. Everything is based on when we have time, capability and the budget for it. That is why it feels even more special when my vision comes to life.

I have creative ambition, so when BOEN asked me to come to Switzerland and offered the opportunity to be part of creating a new colour for the new floors in 2020, I quickly jumped on this project. I have always dreamt about creating something on my own and that is why it is so surreal to be at home with my own floor underneath my feet.

Colour development
The process was very exciting to be a part of and much more demanding then I first thought. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve prior to the project, so we started this journey by combining a dose of brown with a little black, white and blue. We chose the blue colour because I wanted a brown floor that was not too warm and orange in its colour. I had a vision of a dark brown colour that was not too cold or too warm, and that would conform to different styles. After many rounds of trial and error, the base colour was clear, and we then moved on to look at the pores.

The colour we had created so far was in itself exciting, but to make it look more lively and interesting we filled the pores with a warmer base coat. This was a nice contrast to the dark wood and gave a nice warmth and structure to the floor. Between every step of the process we dried the colour with compressed air and UV light, and in the end we sent the floors to production to see the final result, including the top coat that gave a very nice and foggy feeling to the floor, just like I wanted.

Care and maintenance

"Our floors are easy to keep clean and beautiful like day one. You just need to be aware of some small things."