I think about beauty, natural materials, low maintenance and durability

"We have been using BOEN for quite a time with excellent results".

Horacio Schmidt Radic

I am a Chilean architect. I am the senior partner of an architecture studio specialized in high standard housing projects.

The house on the hill

This project consisted in two houses sharing a large site on top of a hill overviewing the city of Santiago. One of the houses was designed for a friend and the other is my familly’s home.

My wife, who is also an architect, and I wanted to interpret our family life which is relaxed and informal. So we designed continuous, flexible spaces, open to the garden and the views.

When choosing a floor for a project I think about beauty, natural materials, low maintenance and durability, in that order. We wanted a clear wood floor for the bedrooms and family spaces for its quality and warmth. We really liked the natural finish of this floor and the way it looks with the stone we used for the public spaces. We’ve been using Boen for quite a time with excellent results. We specially like its easy installation thanks to the click design. Atika is one of our hardwood flooring suppliers and we are very pleased with their support especially in this project.



The most important thing when choosing a floor in regards to other elements is designing the interfaces with other materials such as stone or ceramics. The way they interact with windows and walls to.

The best part about this project is Its simplicity in terms of materials; concrete, steel, glass and wood in windows, doors and floors. The idea behind was to create relaxed spaces as continuous as possible between each other, the gardens and the views.

As an architect, the most important thing for a project like this is to understand the life that the building is going to house, in this case my family’s life.