My name is Miriam. I'm 30 years old and I live with my boyfriend and my dog in Kristiansand in Norway.

What I like the most with interior must be the freedom of creating your own reality. I mean, life has its ups and downs for everyone, but it helps being sad in a beautiful yellow room, than in a really sad space.

When styling the room and the project with Boen, it was really important for me to bring my personality and my playfulness into the room. Doing that in a small space is not necessarily very easy. But I feel I got a good balance between proportions, a big plant and the smaller side table, for example, and the three really vibrant colors together with the more bigger objects like the chair has a good combination to it.


What makes me interested in interior is actually the same as what makes me interested in scenography and theatre because when I create the stage and scenography and set designs, it's creating spaces and places for the actors to play out their role in and also creating a home or a space that you're going to live in.

Miriams styling

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