Hi, my name is Nikolai I live in the southern part of Norway together with my beautiful little family; my girlfriend and my little daughter. I work as a doctor, currently now a general practitioner.

If I were to describe my interior style, I would definitely say it is minimalistic, classic, elegant and maybe a bit exclusive with small details that spices it all up a bit. Mostly through art and plants, but if there is one thing that is important for me, it is definitely art.

When Boen ask me to do this project, the first thing that came to my mind was that it had to reflect me, who I am and how my style looks like. I gather inspiration from a lot of different places mostly Pinterest and Instagram, but also window shopping and definitely a lot of my friends who also have beautiful homes.

It is also very important for me with quality and natural materials, and that everything is connected and that is done properly. Art is also important to me because it makes a difference, it talks to you and makes you feel emotions both bad and good ones and it can change a room completely if you have the right art.

Nicolais styling

See how Nicolai styled the room with our floor Oak Fresh White

Oak Fresh White