"The new trend will be inspired by individuality."

"Nature is my favourite colour."

Patrick Leung and Joey Ho - partners at Pal Design Group

Patrick Leung and Joey Ho are partners at Pal Design Group, a large architectural and design company throughout Hong Kong and China. They influence each other, while sharing the same philosophy of inspiring people.

Game changers

I have been using BOEN for the last 20-30 years as an interior designer at PAL. We work with club-houses and luxury apartments where my clients are looking for the best, something extraordinary. It is a fast growing market as trends are rapidly changing and international products are more available. In this part of the world we had never seen anything like the engineered flooring from BOEN.

At first my clients did not find it luxury enough, but I believed this advanced product was much easier to lay, cleaner and more stable then any other materials on the market. I encouraged my clients to use engineered floors, and it all changed around 10 years ago. Now everybody is using it.

Equal, PAL and me where the pioneers who introduced BOEN and engineered flooring to this part of the world, are proud to say that we contributed to this change.

Dr. Patrick Leung Founder of Pal Design Group

For the last 27 years I have worked with interior design. I believe that interior trends mirrors how we live our daily life. One of the current trends is AI, with a new shift for the next generation. But still people want something more emotional that let them connect with their lifestyle. An expression and extension of their individuality.

In all my projects I choose pure, natural colours. I love it when you can see the the very raw texture and colours of the materials. Basic and natural never goes out of style. The same applies to flooring, the material should speak for itself and have a natural colour that blends in with the furniture and interior design. I have years of experiences with BOEN.

But I still remember the first time we finished an installation and how I really felt the simple, raw material of the hardwood floor. BOEN can really make a difference to the space itself, due to its natural touch.

Joey Ho Partner at Pal Design Group / Chairman of Hong Kong Interior Design Association.

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