"For me it's more about passion than selling."

"We have the same style. But we like different floors."

Equal Limited

Philip Lau and his daughter, Kitty, work together in their family company Equal. They are a market leader for wooden flooring, and promote BOEN products to their customer. With a large customer base, they are familiar with the current trends and customer preferences on the Asian market.

A truly dedicated family

We have worked with hardwood flooring for decades. This style of flooring has a brushed finish and a natural texture. This natural texture is appealing to the customers, bringing their homes closer to nature.

For colours, hardwood flooring with light, blonde wood is very popular with our customers, and I believe its popularity will continue. Light colours create a pleasant background to different styles of interior design, with an elegant statement that easily fits in with the furniture and wall papers. Our customers love the Scandinavian look with its airy and clean background, allowing the clients to experiment with their own individual style. A customer favourite is Live Pure from BOEN. The natural feel to it makes Life Pure unique to the market. People love its deep brushed texture, and it is wear resistant, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Rich grain wood, with its natural touch, is trendy at the moment. However, the popularity of rich dark wood is increasing in the market. This style gives a modern tone to the interior, being more of a statement piece that brings the space together.

These days the younger generations are starting to become home owners with a family of their own. They want to create their own interior style by adding personal touch, originality and an expression of what defines them. They prefer rustic charm or more urban concepts that adds character to the design in their homes.

I discovered BOEN flooring at Domotex in 1993. Driven by the interest of knowing more about this product and wanting to feel and experience it myself, I decided to purchase BOEN flooring for my apartment. I wanted to get a complete personal experience before I introduced BOEN to my customers. Compared to the local manufacturers of solid wood flooring, I believed BOEN flooring would be suitable for the Hong Kong market.

Life in Hong Kong is busy and customers want an easy solution for maintaining their floors. Live Pure, and also other lacquered finishes, are great choices for low maintenance. Additionally, BOEN has a comprehensive range of easy-to-use maintenance products. At the moment, the bestseller is the natural looking Live Pure, which is easy to maintain with its matt finish.

For me, my business has become a passion, and is not only about selling. BOEN works towards meeting the requirements of their clients. Their investment in research and design to develop current and new products demonstrates they really are a reliable manufacturer. Currently, engineered hardwood flooring is a highly competitive market in Hong Kong, but I believe BOEN is still one of the market leaders. The Asian market has future potential with the increase in living standard and a booming economy with room for more personal choices.

"For me BOEN is one of the marked leaders"

Equal Limited was established in 1992 by Philip Lau, having 10 years of experience in the building sector in Hong Kong. At trade fair in Munich in 1993 Mr. Lau learned about BOEN flooring and was intrigued by their product. Since then Equal Ltd. has been selling BOEN flooring to the market in Hong Kong & Macau, with further expansion in Singapore.