"Most customers prefer a floor that requires little maintenance."

"Skirtings and stair nosing make the floor complete."

Thomas, floor installer from the South of Norway

Thomas Steinsvik is the owner of Steinsvik Parkett og Gulvsliping. He has worked as a floor installer for the last 16 years, and has great experience in different aspects of floor installations.

It's all about details

As a floor installer I have worked on a great variety of installations, including private houses, cultural buildings, sport floors, cabins and different building projects. Currently, I am focusing on the private housing market. This keeps my job interesting as each client chooses something different for their home.

The floor is probably the most important interior element in a house, and every customer and their house is unique. It is important to start with the basic of floor laying, which is the subfloor, ensuring that it is levelled and well prepared for the parquet installation. Moreover, you need to consider your preference of underlay, the distance from the floor to the wall, as well as the feeling you want to create with the choice of floor format and colour.

My personal preference is that the skirting and the floor match in a room, giving it a more holistic impression. BOEN offers an amazing selection of floors and matching skirting in a variation of colours and surfaces. Furthermore, it is possible to have stair nosing in the same material as the hardwood floor.

Most customers prefer a floor that requires little maintenance on a daily basis. A recent trend is that customers choose a more rustic floor that are, due to its appearance, more “forgiving” to wear and tear. Customers are also considering surface treatment when choosing a product. The advantages of an oiled hardwood floor is that if it gets a minor damage with a mishap, it is not as difficult to repair as some might think.

When it comes to formats there are several options; longstrip, classic plank, wider plank or Chaletino plank. A great advice for customers on a budget, is to choose a wider floorboard in the living room and kitchen while opting for a longstrip in the same colour for the bedrooms or other smaller rooms, where the floor is not so prominent.

BOEN has managed to create a nice and even transition with a small micro bevel in the front of the step. Stairs can be very slippery, and BOEN has the genius idea to have a tread inlay in the stair nosing. The tread inlay comes in different colours, depending on whether it should be prominent or "invisible".

The perfect match to your wood flooring

The staircase is a highly-valued feature and design element. Matching stairs are the communicative. link that creates totality and continuity between the different floors in your home.