Simply Oak

Genuine naturalness – completely authentic and immediate:
a hardwood floor made from oak brings the fascinating
beauty and variety of nature into your home.

Oak Andante

Simple elegance yet wonderfully cosy: the grading of the Oak Andante planks is characterised by calm and balance. A fine grain with just a few, small knots makes for a reserved yet sophisticated look. Ideal for Scandinavian interiors and rooms that are unassuming and discreet yet invitingly stylish.Treated with Live Pure, the wood surface even looks a touch lighter
than the naturally oiled variant. Almost as though it has been freshly sawn.

Oak Animoso

Genuine, varied and full of natural beauty: Oak Animoso captures everything that makes nature so unique. You can feel the strength of the tree, with its branches and knots that give rise to attractive accents in the planks. Oak Animoso impresses – and in a wide variety of furnishing styles. Warm and tangibly authentic. With Live Pure, the wood surface, which looks as though it has been freshly sawn, appears a touch lighter than with the naturally oiled variant.

Oak Vivo

As spirited and rustic as a walk through a sun-drenched natural oak forest: the grading of the Oak Vivo showcases the naturalness of the oak in all its glory. A fascinating grain with knots and variations for real statement looks. If the surface of the Oak Vivo floor is treated with Live Pure, it looks as though it has been freshly sawn and is lighter than in the naturally oiled variant.

Simply naturally beautiful

Our hardwood floors are as diverse as oak itself. From calmer and more subtle grains to very vibrant and rustic.

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